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SOPHISTICATED LADY (backing vocal: Emma Bunton, Rap: Dexter)

I got this feeling baby inside it's driving me crazy I just don't know what to do
Why don't you get this started body language so inviting there ain't nothing that we won't do
(Oh-oh oh-oh sophisticated lady (Harmony))
Come and get my loving never get enough of the push and shoving
(Oh-oh oh-oh sophisticated lady (Harmony))
Change my name from the B to the G so my hubby can get with me

I know that we can make it never ever gonna get it on and fake it that style don't suit me or you
There are so many reasons  why our love is so in season thought like this keep me straight with you

(Oh-oh oh-oh sophisticated lady (Harmony))
Have we got sound go Dexter Go Dexter Dexter shit my bit now
Ay yo Mel, you know ride this beat so well
Late at night lay some tracks by the midnight bell
For we don't sweat it no cos the three of us are strong
With the energy you give babe we can't go wrong
Paris was the city in the heat of the summer time
When J took the heart of a friend of mine
(go dexter)
Then you gave rings and the vows were done
And you'll always be together because 2 become 1





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