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I know a girl who's tough but sweet she's so fine she can't be beat
Got everything that I desire sets the summer sun on fire
I want candy I want candy
Ought to see her with her hair hung down ain't no finer girl in town
Candy's just what the doctor ordered she's so sweet she makes my mouth water
I want candy I want candy oh I want candy oh-oh hey I want candy candy
I want candy with her hair hung down

Candy on the beach there's nothing better but I like candy in slacks and a sweater
Some day soon I'll make you mine then I'll have candy all the time
I want candy I want candy I want candy I want candy
Yeah, hey-hey hey hey I want candy oh-oh Yeah-eh-ah oh-oh I want candy
Yeah-ay-ay-ay-ay I want candy I want candy yeah-eh



Everything's laughter, always the same when the light fades the moment ends
Empty and restless, the fact remains you're tied to the highs that others lend

Can I talk you down tonight, surrender I'm not strong enough to fight with you anymore
CHORUS: I don't wanna feel real love when we're so fragile I could never be the one to tear apart
Help me free these selfish lies and jaded alibis with tears in my eyes I'll carry on

Careless expressions, they're cold and vague stealing truth from the words you say
I cowardly reason while life escapes scared of running, afraid to stay

I just need a little time, surrender I wont be your concubine, not for anyone

Reach out you're not alone release your hold, let go
The light may darken as your fears unfold


With tears in my eyes




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