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Bah humbug no that's too strong cos it's my favorite holiday
But all this year's been a busy blur don't think I have the energy
To add to my already mad rush just because it is the season
The perfect gift for me would be completions and connections left from
Last year world tour aeroplanes and babies
Met some guys but never the time most of '98 passed along those lines
So deck the halls and trim those trees raise up the cups of Christmas cheer
I just need to catch my breath christmas with my mates this year

Calendar picture, frozen landscape chilled this room for twenty-four days
Evergreens, sparkling snow get this winter over with
Flashback to springtime, saw him again would've been good to go for lunch
Couldn't agree we were both free we tried, we said we'd keep in touch
We didn't, of course, 'till the summertime out to the beach to his boat, could I join him
No, this time it was me sunburn in the third degree
Now the calendar's just one page and, of course, I am excited
Tonight's the night, but I've set my mind not to do too much about it

CHORUS: Merry christmas merry christmas but I think I'll miss this one this year
Merry christmas merry christmas but I think I'll miss this one this year


Hardly dashing through the snow cos I bundled up too tight
Last minute have-to-do's a few cards, a few calls
Because it's R-S-V-P no thanks, no party lights
It's Christmas Eve, gonna relax turned down all of my invites
Last fall I had a night to myself same guy called, halloween party
Waited all night for him to show this time his car wouldn't go
Forget it, it's cold, it's getting late trudge on home to celebrate
In a quiet way, unwind doing Christmas right this time


Tesco has provided me with the world's smallest turkey
Already in the oven, nice and hot oh damn, guess what I forgot
So it's on with the boots, back out in the snow to the only all-night garage
But when to my wondering eyes should appear in the line that guy I've been chasing all year
"Spending this one alone," he said "need a break; this year's been crazy."
I said, "Me too, but why are you you mean you forgot the papers too
Then suddenly we laughed and laughed caught on to what was happening
Christmas magic's brought this tale to a very happy e-ending





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